“As Democrats we believe in a party of inclusion. What makes the 49th District special is that we welcome everyone regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic status.”

Social Justice: Promoting Fair and Safe Communities

Social JusticeJD believes that social justice is a larger issue in our society. He hears from citizens across the 49th about injustice, whether that be discrimination based on race or culture. JD pledges to protect the rights of all and to work for safe communities.

  • Children and Students: Stop the cycle of the school to prison pipeline.
  • Voters: ensure that citizens can exercise their civic duty in choosing their representatives. Take voter fraud and voter obstruction seriously.
  • Dreamers: Advocate for and work to protect the rights of all Dreamers.
  • Civil rights: protecting the rights of Dreamers, students, the incacerated, and those who have served their time. Protecting the rights of the LGBTQ commmunity and in all instances, bringing attention to the issues that adversely affect these commuities.

Affordable Living: Invest in Critical Community Positions and Infrastructure

JD understands the financial demands facing many of our families, especially our public safety personnel and teachers. He will advocate for policies and legislation that allow our community to work near their homes, and ensure affordable housing, reliable and economical transit, and quality and affordable child care for all.​​​​​​ 

  • Childcare: affordable childcare options.
  • Transportation: Need dedicated metro funding, Transportation funding for municipalities fund public transit (non-metro).
  • Affordable housing: Look into alternatives (tiny homes, alternative styles) that can benefit homeowners, not just corporations.
  • Advocate for solar and wind energy to reduce the cost of electricity.
  • Public safety.
  • College Education: gives opportunity to earn more income.

Effective Representation: Being an Advocate and Public Servant

JD feels very strongly that people in the community deserve the best service their elected representatives can offer regardless of their socio-economic class. He will listen to and be an advocate for all, and keep constituents up to date on key issues in the General Assembly through timely virtual and in person communications.

  • Advocate for communities.
  • Provide and share information that affects constituents.

Education: Invest in the Whole Child and Schools

JD has Educationbeen an active parent supporting his three children who have all attended public schools. He will support legislation to effectively evaluate our teachers, maintain gun-free schools, ensure equitable resources for all students, and invest in at-risk students. 

  • Continue investing in Pre-K education.
  • Work to continue to reduce the amount of testing.
  • Focus on the whole child: education needs to include better social emotional learning and time for children to de-stress.

Elected members have a responsibility to ensure our public school system has the tools and alternatives to help, aid, and assist the whole child.